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Home Improvement Repair & Maintenance Services in Dubai: A sudden leak in kitchen or bathroom, a washing machine breakdown, AC Service, or a boiler failure, or any other vital home repair and improvement project is a large part of being a homeowner or a tenant

From quick fixes to detailed renovations and other services, Instarepairs takes care of everything, so you don't have to.

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Home Improvement Repair & Maintenance Services in Dubai

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“An unrivalled insight into local home repair requirements has enabled InstaRepairs to expertly craft a solution service with links to your local community.”

Home Improvement Repair and Maintenance Services in Dubai

How does it work?

Instarepairs allows tenants, landlords, or other property owners needing help to post their requests directly onto the app and quickly get instant estimate quotes.

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Submit relevant information about your request, including videos and photos (if necessary).

Get a quote

You'll receive instant custom estimate quotes from dozens of quality service providers tailored to your request.


Compare offers and quotes and with our transparent ratings and review system, you can choose service providers with only the best rankings.


Once you have decided which service provider you would like to hire, you'll confirm and submit your choice with just the click of a button.

Get Instant Repair

Now sit back, relax, and wait for your service provider to arrive and tackle the job!

Real people, real repairs, every time. Let’s take the pressure out of property.

Get early access and earn 15% on your first request

Why Instarepairs?

Instarepairs was created to help you tackle any home or property problem or improvement while saving you money, no matter the size or scope. That’s why our sleek and simple app is the UAE’s go-to source for any and all home solutions.

With hundreds of customer-reviewed service providers, you'll never have to worry about finding the right provider again.


Traditional methods of contacting and confirming a service provider for your home repairs and services are not only a time suck, but they can be expensive too.

With Instarepairs, we help you compare rates and find a service provider that’s perfect for your budget, no matter what it is.

Home Improvement Repair & Maintenance Services in Dubai
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Hassle-free and FREE

Home or property repairs can take hours out of your day. From finding and researching reputable service providers to comparing prices and quotes, taking care of your at-home maintenance is a hassle.

With Instarepairs, you can find and contact five-star service providers with just a few clicks.

Transparent and Trustworthy

With traditional service provider searching, it can be hard to determine which contractors or businesses are trustworthy and worth your time and energy.

With Instarepairs, you can easily read hundreds of reviews and ratings, so you feel confident in your purchase.

Plus, you can leave reviews too—if you liked the service you received, you’ll have the chance to let other users know! And vice versa!

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Quick & Convenient

The days of cold calling and waiting on hold are over. You’re sick of the dial tone, too, right? Home service repair has never been quicker or more convenient.

With Instarepairs, you can find and book a trustworthy service provider in minutes, all from an app on your device.

Practical & User-Friendly

Instarepairs is easy to use and accessible. Created for busy, on-the-go tenants, homeowners Instarepairs works for you, so you don’t have to work at all.

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What services can I access on Instarepairs?

Instarepairs is a comprehensive marketplace full of different service providers that can help with various leaks, breaks, and installations—from significant issues to tiny, minor ones.

Instarepairs service can help you

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Get early access and earn 15% on your first request

Frequently Asked Questions

No Instarepairs is completely free to use no hidden charges no gimmicks.

Instarepairs was created by UAE resident for UAE residents, as locals we have come across the same challenges in finding affordable and reliable home service providers without spending too much time researching and seeking other UAE’s resident recommendations on social media platforms, that is why we came up with a solution to help our busy community get a quick, affordable, efficient and reliable home repairs and services.

In many ways.

  • No hassle, no time spent researching, no phone calls, easy to use app, just fill in the service request card in the service category you need, take a photo or short video upload and submit, done!
  • Receive multiple quotations, read other homeowners and tenants reviews, view service providers completed work image gallery, select the best service provider with the best estimate quotation all from the app, your home your rules!
  • We do not negotiate middle men commission on your home repairs and service requests instead we connect you directly with service providers so you pay the least to get the best of services, remember we are residents too!
  • We protect your estimate quotes from price matching, all your received quotations are private to you, meaning service providers do not see each other’s quotations when sent to you, we want them to compete for the job!

All your invoices and payment receipts are stored in the app and available to view and download, no more paperwork!

Open the app, select the category of the service you want, complete the service request card, add photos or videos if needed, submit your request.

Once you submit your service request, you will receive estimate quotations from different service providers, compare their quotations estimates prices ,read other customers reviews, see their completed work gallery, select the best priced and most reviewed.

Online quotations are based on your service request descriptions, final quotation is the final price you will pay when the selected service provider visits your home and establish the exact work involved, this is mostly relevant to appliances repairs and other services requiring parts replacement or new installations

In most of cases final quotation DO NOT EXCEED maximum online quotations, unless part replacement, material supply or extra service is required.

Your contact details do not get displayed when you post your service request, your contact details are only revealed to your chosen service provider if and when you accept a quotation

Yes, when the selected service provider visits your home and performs service evaluation, he will issue a final quotation invoice that needs to be validated by you, on the app, this is to ensure that you agree to the service price evaluation

Yes, you are totally allowed to reject the final quotation if you think the price is out of scope, you can also select other service provider from received online quotation estimate (flat AED 20 applicable to cover for the visit in case of unjustified rejection)

Service providers are responsible for parts supply, exchange and warranty as and upon service provision agreement

Payments are directly done to the selected service providers , you can indicate your preferred payment methods when posting your service request.

  • In your app home screen, services are represented by icons relevant to the service categories available on Instarepairs, by selecting the relevant category to your request, you can then post your quotation request after filling the service request card within the selected category

Instarepairs covers all popular home service categories researched by UAE residents

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